Embedded Executive Model
The Nonprofit Embedded Executive Model enables us to step into another organization as a working team member. This model provides equitable access to elite services for nonprofits that cannot otherwise afford to hire a project manager, skills trainer, or strategy consultant, creating opportunities for immense organizational growth that are typically unavailable to small nonprofits.

– Karli Anne Christiansen, CAN Chief Compassion Officer

Nonprofit Embedded Executive Model - New in 2017!

In April of 2017, CAN launched an innovative new program providing hands-on strategic support and project-based leadership to organizations that need it most. The Nonprofit Embedded Executive Model places one of CAN's experienced leaders on-site with a small nonprofit for a focused but substantial period of time. This embedded executive works to launch new programs, realize income opportunities, move existing programs to higher levels of impact and efficiency, and more.

Our goal is to double the impact of our partners in the compassion movement by engaging specifically with the leverage points for transformative change.

How it works:

  1. Our experts meet with selected organizations to identify highest potential capacity- and skill-building opportunities and define the scope and duration of the project. Projects may last anywhere from a few days to several months.
  2. We work as an embedded member of the team to provide on-site strategic leadership throughout the duration of the project, taking a hands-on project management role as if we were a member of the organization's staff.
  3. We train the organization's team on project management tools and principles, developing efficient, high-impact habits to ensure that the project can continue to run smoothly under the management of organization staff once our time together is complete.

Where we're embedded in 2017:

  • Charter for Compassion International
  • Youth Ambassadors
  • Call of Compassion NW
  • Compassion Games International

Contact us to learn more about this innovative model.