CAN believes in a world united by compassion. Through public convening, research, and strategic organizational support (which we call "strategic amplification"), CAN nurtures the entire Pacific Northwest compassion ecosystem to ensure a healthy, vibrant network of compassion-focused initiatives.

About CAN

Compassionate Action Network (CAN) is a Seattle-based nonprofit organization that nurtures and supports seeds and sprouts of compassion in support of the Pacific Northwest compassion ecosystem. Seeds of Compassion is a subsidiary of Kirlin Charitable Foundation, which is a legally conforming Supporting Organization to CAN. We do not accept unsolicited funding requests at this time.

Our approach

Compassion Ecosystem support
CAN supports the health and vitality of the Pacific Northwest compassion ecosystem. CAN's efforts seek to elevate our region’s collective understanding of compassion, as well as redefine the role a supporting organization plays in stewarding and nurturing a movement. CAN's method of ecosystem support is broken down into three focus areas:

#1: Sponsorship
Over the years, CAN's sponsored programs have collectively impacted millions of lives across the globe. These partners in compassion have each gone on to become successful, independent organizations with a deep commitment to creating compassionate communities and a more compassionate world. Through visionary sponsorship of these inspiring initiatives, Compassionate Action Network is creating a world united by compassionate action. Learn more here. 

#2: Strategic amplification
CAN's unique position allows us to witness the patterns and evolutionary trends that are reshaping our world. As we identify what is emerging, we also seek to discover what these promising initiatives require in order to contribute to a compassionate, whole society. Strategic amplification refers to the activities of (1) identifying promising solutions and innovations with the greatest potential impact and benefit to society, (2) discerning what is needed to scale and/or evolve these initiatives, and (3) facilitating those needs being met.

#3: Public events
CAN hosts, co-hosts, and participates in public events designed to educate, engage, and energize the general public in service of our broader mission to create a more compassionate society. New events are posted on our calendar and events page.




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